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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Love Knitting :D

Hello again.. :D

This time I will post about my knitting stuff. :)

Actually I'm starting this stuff since in high school. My friend, Lina introduce it to me. The first time, it is hard to do, because I'm still a newbie. In my mind, knitting stuff is related to GRAND MOTHER. Why? Because in a cartoon or fairy tales you will see the knitting stuff doing by grand mother. Am I right?

But, after i started it, enjoyed it, and successfully made a nice scarf I can't help my self to do it again. Lina taught me to use one needle. The first scarf I made is in black and white color and that was for my friend birthday gift. Then, I tried to make another scarf and did some practice first. The practice result can be seen here. And here is the real scarf:

This is the needle and yarns that I used:

The previous scarf I made in my hometown, Indonesia. I can find the yarns and the needle so easily. But one think i couldn't find. a pair of bamboo needle (I don't know the exact name, anyone?). I really want to use and can make the scarf, a beanie or even a sweater by that needle. I want to learn it.

After a moment postponed the knitting activity, a few days ago my colleague told me in Sungei Wang Plaza (I'm currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now) there is one shop sell the knitting stuffs. It is Lily Handy craft. When I went there, I felt like in heaven because I can find the needle I want and many kind of yarns ^^. Moreover, when you buy the set of needle and yarn they will teach you how to knit for FREE. I bought a pair bamboo needle and one wool yarn and they taught me how to make a scarf using that needle. (If you are a beginner and just want to do a practice, I suggest you to buy the cheap yarn like acrylic, because the wool yarn is more expensive than acrylic). Know, I supposed to make a scarf, but I don't have enough wool, so maybe I'll use it as my hard disk sleeve :D

The wool and pair of bamboo needle

Still in progress ^^

I'll update when this is finish... ^^

See Ya!


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