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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things Should be Posted Earlier ...

What are memories means to you? For me, memories are things that we should treasure, because from it, we can learn and have a good thing to keep whether it is good or not good.

These memories should i posted earlier... I'm sorry.

These memories are from my supervisor and staffs from place where I did my practicum training... Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.. :)

These 2 - cute bear and the veil - I got from my supervisor, Pn. Rajesry. She is really nice supervisor and she willing to help me during my practicum training even though she was extremely busy. Thank you sooooo much pn :)

This fabric I got from one of staff under student affair department pn. Liza. She is nice and very love her family. She also one of the great mother I've ever met. Thanks so much pn, I'll use this for my "baju kurung" ^^.. If the "baju kurung" done, I'll post it again.. :)

Next is this chocolate... Yummy... I got this from my dear sister in office Kak Yap :). She even wrote farewell in korean! 작별 (Jakbyeol)... Thank you so much kak... I even not eat the chocolate yet because I feel bad if eat this chocolate. :(

Last is the scarf from pn. Laila. She gave me this and said this is from Makkah :).. Thank you so much pn.. You remind me of my grand mother.. ^^

Well, everyone in my practicum place were good and I have a lot and nice memories with them... Thank You so much for the experience. ^^

Oya, 1 more thing, I'm going to have my graduation on 6th October 2011, insyaALLAH... It'll be great if I can see you in my graduation.. ^^ Annyeong...



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