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Monday, April 18, 2011

Jalmokgesseumnida... ^^

Good Afternoon everyone...^^

quick post from me. After I tried to make kimchi last year in my home country Indonesia, today I made some kimbab and brought it to my office. I'm glad that everyone like it. Here they are:


And here it is... KIMBAB.... :D

Huaaaaahhh.... Look nice, isn't??? Wanna try some??? :D




  1. Maaaauuuuu.

    Tapi gak berisiko masuk RS habis nyobain kan?

  2. jiahahhahaha... ga lah.... :P

    gomawo.. :)

  3. Why don't you try to posting how to cook it!
    I never ate Kimchi or Kimbab.... and I wanna try your made.

    Tia, whenever you're in Padang or Bukittinggi, let me know. Maybe we can talk about something, like writing. :)

  4. huaaa,, aziz... Sorry, just saw your comment...

    That's great idea, I'll try to write it :)

    hehehehe... I'd love to :) But, don't complain about the taste.. :P

    InsyaALLAH this August I'm going back.. I'll let you know ^^