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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Happy ^^

Huaaahh... almost for 2 months i'm not updating.. :D

The title is Happy happy.. Waeyoo??? Because the day before yesterday, my friend nyomie invited her korean friend to stay in 403 house... yeaaayyy!!! Her name is Bae Jeong Eun, or aegyo ^^... Unexpectedly she also a fan of DBSK/JYJ. So, in that house at that time we become JYJ's girl (I'm fan of Jaejoong, Jeong Eun is fan of Yoochun, and Bz is fan of Junsu and suddenly we become JYJ's girl) Hahahha... Ya know, when we talk about JYJ the rest person in 403 house roaming all night.. wkwkwk

I and Jong Eun 1

I and Jong Eun 2

She is cute, isn't she? But now she is in New Zealand to practice her english. 화이팅 애교!!! 할수있어!!! 나 두, 한국어 힘내요... ^^

Ah, one more thing. Because she hard to remember our name, so each one of us told our korean name. I told her that my korean name is 이쁜이, but she said that my korean name is an old name *she mean my name used in long long long time ago, not so familiar in this time* If that so, 한 가 을 어때요? because I was born in September, it is Autumn right?? hehehe... 저는 가을 좋아에요... ^^

One more thing, I also going to take part in TOPIK (
Test of Proficiency in Korean) that will be held in 18th September 2011 (WOW one day before my birthday)! Please, do pray for me, so I can do well in this test.

Well, you too guys! Give effort to your job, study, or whatever you do...!!!


-Tia- ^^

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