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Saturday, December 3, 2011

#madebymyself Mango Smoothies ^^

I'm being inlove with cooking and kitchen things. So, sometimes I make the experiment with the -oh-so-simple-utensils-and-ingredients. Last time I made kimbab and kimchies. The taste... hmmm... I can say they was "success"... LOL

This afternoon I decided to make Mango Smoothies because my Mom bought the 3kg Mangoes just for Rp3.000/kg! (Three Thousand Rupiah per kilogram!). Convert to US Dollar, the price will be $ 0.332/kg! Convert to Malaysian Ringgit it will be almost RM1/kg! Convert to Korean Won it will be KRW375.5/kg! (You can convert it to your currency if you want :D ). The mangoes were really CHEAP!

Added with milk and ice, I blended the mangoes and finished the touch with chocolate topping! Hmmm... Yummy... TADAAA!!!

Hmmm.. what will be the next better experiment? ;))




  1. smoothiiiieeeess, better u put some mango cuts :D yuuuummm

  2. yeah! the mango cuts! hmmm... will try it again! :D