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Friday, May 25, 2012

New Beanie for New Babyyy... ^^

Hi Everyone...!!!

Yeah, my bad habit come again.... not updating for ages! But, yeah, cliche reason being busy and busier after continuing my master. :D

Like the title, I just finish made a new beanie for new baby... OMG! I have a baby??? of course not! I'm still single ya know? hahaha.. This is for my friend's baby -soon to born- on August 2012. I ask my friend what color she like and she said the baby purple color. So, As I already learn from tutorial here , this is the result :

I don't know t will fit the -soon to be born- baby head or not, but I'll be happy if he/she can wear it someday! 

Hello baby! This is what aunty made for you! Faster come to this world, be healthy and don't make your mom sad, okay?

Okeeeyyy... that's my knitting result ^^... next project for the baby... hmmm.. booties??? :D :D XD




  1. ayooo buti, biar bisa dipake itu si topi kecilnya whehehehe :D

  2. pengennya sih gitu nyak.. hehehe