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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How Are You OSKA???

Hello All!!!

I introduce you to our new 332 "resident"... TADAAA!!!

Her name is OSKA, but she is not the OSKA from Secret Garden character. hehehe *But strangely  her personality same with that OSKA character. Is that because of the name? ^^;*

BZ found her in the stairs and really thin. But after just stay in our room for 3 days, her stomach already bloated. That is because she took meals more than we the master eat.. --" She is very very very hyperactive. When I or BZ want to pray, she will sleep in the "sajadah" or will playing our "sarung". She always lick my foot or BZ foot after "wudhu". We don't know why she behave like that. She will get more hyperactive at 3AM and jump in either my bed or BZ bed. Her pause time is only after washing and meals (at 12pm and 4pm). I love to take her to washroom *evilgrin*. Her favorite spots are the doormat under BZ desk (which is become her bed) and my dirty clothes stack... *OH GOD!

*pics: playing with BZ

pic: she gave up after eating ;))

She can't bear with the moving things and unmoving things. --" BZ Grafield slipper, paper ball, my foot when I sit in my desk. When I or BZ sit in our desk and focus with laptop, she will climb through our leg to the desk, join and see what we did, rounding the desk and standing in front of window *which is dangerous because we live on 3rd floor* and we always take her down and she pissed off.. hahaha

Unfortunately, because we have to go home for holiday, we took her to kak Yeni's place and now we don't know how is she and how big she right now... OSKA, how are you???

Do you have some pet story to share???




  1. Oska udah gede sekarang xD cuma walaupun gede tetep takut sama kucing lain hehehe x))

  2. emang dia kucing penakut sih.. hahhaha...

    lagaknya aja sok berani, tapi kalo liat yang lain lgsg kabur.. wkwkwkwk